For those who have seen a loved one killed through the negligence or outright malice of another person, the criminal justice system can be frustrating. Designed to ensure that ten guilty people will go free before an innocent person is committed to years behind bars, the system undeniably has its drawbacks. In some, thankfully few, cases, this can mean that a person is known by relatives and loved ones to be guilty of manslaughter or even outright murder will not face a long prison term. Even when that does happen, though, the next of kin of the deceased can still find some relief through the civil courts.

As might be expected, however, it can be difficult to do so. Successfully convincing a judge or jury that a person who has been absolved of criminal culpability should be held responsible in civil terms can be among the most challenging pursuits in the field of law. All that means in practice, though, is that those who find themselves in this situation should seek out the representation of a wrongful death attorney in Silverdale in order to be assured of making things right.

Contact Otto Law Offices or another firm that takes such cases and you will almost always discover that a free consultation will be offered. While cases of these kinds inevitably have their own complications and unique details, even a short meeting of this kind can often reveal whether it will make sense to file a civil suit.

In case that proves to be a good idea, a wrongful death attorney in Silverdale will be able to help clients in a number of potentially important ways. While the standards of evidence and the associated burdens of proving a case are lower in civil court than in criminal ones, there will still almost inevitably be some real hurdles to be cleared. Lawyers will therefore inevitably have to do plenty of work on behalf of their clients in such cases, even in those situations where it might seem clearest that another party deserves to pay. While it can be difficult to endure these challenges after the loss of a loved one, it can be worthwhile to do so as well.