A Legal Separation Law Attorney in Sugar Land TX Helps Clients Who Don’t Want to Divorce Yet

To most people, it may seem bewildering why a married couple would decide to be legally separated for a year or longer instead of getting divorced. Since many couples use a legal separation to decide whether or not the relationship can be saved, what would be the point of continuing the separation for a lengthy time frame? Often, the reason involves complicated issues in regard to money. A Legal Separation Law Attorney in Sugar Land TX helps clients set up parameters for the separation. The documentation, as filed with the court, may expire after a designated time, such as one year. The couple then may revisit the documentation and make any preferable changes if they want to continue the legal separation.

Unless one of the spouses has a good reason to end the marriage, staying wed can be advantageous. There is no need to split up all of the assets, which may be substantial. The couple may be tied together in business. They might remain married until one of them embarks on a new romantic relationship and eventually wants to end the marriage for that reason.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to create a legal agreement on various aspects of the ongoing relationship. A Legal Separation Law Attorney in Sugar Land TX helps clients address matters such as spousal support, child support, child custody and visitation. They must determine responsibility for mutual debt and bill payments. There should be stipulations protecting each spouse from future debt accumulated by the other spouse.

They also must verify who will continue living in the family home and whether they will continue owning it together. Some of the mutual assets may need to be transferred to individual ownership, such as cars, vacation property, boats and an RV. At a minimum, the couple should set forth in the legal agreement who will use those assets at what specific times.

Obviously, an organization such as the Vendt Law Firm will find it easier to create this type of legal separation arrangement when the couple’s relationship is at least somewhat amicable. However, disagreements about specifics can usually be resolved in mediation sessions or through a collaborative process. Contact us for a consultation about legal separation.