A Car Accident Attorney in Bessemer, AL Can Help After a Rental Car Accident

When rental cars are involved in accidents, there are more parties with the potential to receive damages. When one rents a car, the agent usually asks if they want insurance, as the coverage may protect the renter from owing damages in the event of an accident. However, in some places, even if one buys coverage from the rental car company, it may be secondary to the driver’s auto insurance.

Additional Involved Parties

Besides the driver’s insurance company, when rental cars are involved in an accident, these parties can also become part of the process. Those involved in a rental car accident should Visit Forstman & Cutchen, LLP for legal advice. The other involved parties include:

  • The rental car company and their insurer
  • The credit card company and their insurer
  • Supplemental insurers

Coverage for Rental Car Crashes

There are multiple ways to protect oneself from liability in a rental car crash:

  • Transference of one’s own insurance. If a person has full coverage, they can transfer it to the rental vehicle.
  • Buy the rental car company’s coverage. All rental car companies have supplemental coverage that can protect one from accident liability.
  • Insurance through the credit card company. If one uses a credit card to rent a car, most companies offer rental car insurance.

Supplemental Coverage

Most car rental companies have different insurance options for customers. However, most jurisdictions do not require customers to buy it because most already have personal auto insurance. The most common types of coverage are:

  • Collision damage waivers that eliminate part or all of the cost of a damaged or stolen the rental car.
  • SLP (supplemental liability protection) that protects the driver from lawsuits by other accident victims.
  • PAI (personal accident insurance) that provides death, ambulance, and medical benefits for renters and their passengers.

If an Accident Occurs

If an accident in a rental car occurs, the renter should call a car accident injury attorney in Bessemer, AL and notify the rental company immediately. If there is no collision damage waiver, the driver will need to notify their credit card company and their insurer.

Consulting a Lawyer

Negotiating with an insurance company can be difficult, but a car accident injury attorney in Bessemer, AL can help clients reach settlements with insurance companies and other involved parties. Moreover, a lawyer can provide courtroom representation.