Surviving an accident could lead to long-term injuries and even disability. It could also lead to loss of wages because you can’t work while you’re injured or in recovery. That’s not to mention the cost of hospitalization, treatment, and rehab. One way to get the funds to help you cover the cost of your recovery is to file a claim. Here’s why you should hire a lawyer to help you.

Get Compensation

Trucking companies typically have the funds to compensate you for the injuries you sustained from the accident, especially if their driver was at fault. However, they’re not simply going to hand that to you. A seasoned truck accident lawyer in Lafayette, IN can take on that task for you, though.

Improve Your Chances

Choose an experienced lawyer to help you. Find someone with years of experience in handling and winning these cases. A lawyer who knows and understands the nuances of accident cases will know what to look for, what tests to ask for, and what documents will stand up in court.

Handle the Paperwork

There’s a mountain of paperwork involved. You’re in recovery, though, so leave most of that paperwork to your lawyer. By hiring legal help, you also have someone who can help you understand what the legal terms mean, catch you up on the developments of the case, and explain the consequences or potential ramifications of those developments.

Deal with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can get aggressive. Their representatives might come at you as they try to get you to fold or flip a story. Let your lawyer face them, so you won’t have to deal with the annoying calls about giving them more details. Some of them only do that, so they can nitpick and find ways to twist those details around until they can lay the blame at your feet. Contact Ball Eggleston for more details.