There are very few legal issues that cause more emotional pain than a divorce. Couples enter relationships with big dreams and goals and are often devastated when it all falls apart. It may sound kind, loving or reasonable to refuse to hire an attorney during a divorce. No one wants to look like they are trying to hurt someone they know so well. Unfortunately, this decision could lead to a lot of additional complications. Here are three reasons people should always have a Divorce Attorney in De Pere WI.

#1. A divorce does not happen overnight.

Getting married is frequently a much faster process than a divorce. Most people should expect at least a few months between when they file, when the court date is scheduled and when the decision becomes final. When the couple has children or a lot of assets and expenses to divide it usually takes much longer. During this period of time, both parties will experience a variety of emotions and this could lead to disagreements and complications.

#2. There could be serious, long-term financial consequences.

Without an attorney looking out for their interests, it is easy for people to lose sight of the reality of their situation. The desire to leave a contentious marriage quickly and move on may encourage people to make unrealistic promises, give away everything just to be free or even to be unaware of their own rights. Hiring a Divorce Attorney in De Pere WI means having someone there to question bad decisions and offer advice about reasonable requests and concessions.

#3. Secrets are often revealed during divorce proceedings.

What may seem like a simple agreement to separate could become more difficult if one spouse discovers the other was keeping secrets from them. One partner may have kept money hidden from another, there could be higher debts than expected or a hidden affair may be discovered. Having an attorney means there is someone to help find a solution when a surprise or a change in the circumstances is revealed.

A lawyer cannot make getting a divorce easier or less painful, but they do make the process smoother and more secure for their clients. Contact Brabazon Law Office LLC to learn more about the family law services they offer and how they can help anyone to have a more secure future.