5 Important Questions to Ask an Estate Planning Attorney in Gonzales, LA

For most people, addressing mortality and preparing for death are difficult tasks. However, with the right estate planning attorney in Gonzales, LA, the process becomes smoother and more affordable. In this guide, potential clients will learn which questions to ask to ensure their attorneys are protecting their clients’ interests.

How Long Has the Firm Worked with Estates and Trusts?

It’s crucial to get an idea of the estate lawyer’s experience. The more cases an attorney has handled, the better they’ll be at addressing unforeseen circumstances. By hiring an experienced attorney, clients will be putting their assets in good hands.

Does the Firm Focus Primarily on Estate Planning?

Ideally, the attorney should answer yes to this question. If the lawyer’s focus isn’t on estate planning, they may not have the skills a client needs. Personal assets are important, and it’s crucial to hire a lawyer who focuses on probate and estate matters.

Can the Case Be Kept Out of Probate?

If the attorney’s first instinct is to direct a client to wills and probate, they should be approached with caution, as they may be more focused on the bottom line than the client’s case. While this doesn’t apply in every situation, it’s important to find a lawyer who will do everything possible to help a client avoid the probate process.

Can the Lawyer Help to Move Assets into a Revocable Living Trust?

Not all estate planning lawyers can assist with setting up trust funds. An estate planning attorney in Gonzales, LA should help the client protect their assets and update beneficiary designations or provide the resources to do so. Asking is crucial, or else the client may pay more than the trust is worth.

Can the Firm Help with Unexpected Issues?

An estate planning lawyer should be able and willing to go beyond the call of duty for their clients. After all, clients’ futures and assets are at stake. If the lawyer isn’t willing to help with all estate-related issues, they’re not doing their job correctly.

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